Help : 

How to subscribe and create your channel to publish your videos : You have to subscribe to a publishing package in order to upload your content.

Step 1 Login by Registering and Creating your Own Account

Step 2 Click on My Channels in left menu.

Step 3 Click on Subscriptions Top Right. 

Step 4 Choose your Subscription Package.

Step 5 Select My Channels Again On left Menue. 

Step 6 Select Create Channel Top Right Again and Complete your channel setup.


How to upload your videos : 

Step 1 Click on My Channels. 

Step 2 Click the Channel you would like to publish the video clip in. 

Step 3 Click on upload and follow the instructions. 


How to put a price on my video and sell it.

Step 1 Click on my Channels. 

Step 2 Choose the channel in which you have uploaded the video clip. 

Step 3 Choose the video tab inside the channel. 

Step 4 On the right side of the clip on the right hand of the screen are 3 dots, click on the dots. 

Step 5 After Clicking on the 3 dots on the right side of the page choose user type and the choose subscription type. 

One time (user pay once and watch as many times as they like) or Recurring (user have to pay every time they want to watch the clip).


When can I redeem my 80% commission from Pay Per View subscriptions on my channel?

First round of commissions will be paid out/redeemed from 15 November 2019 in the BETA version

Next round of redeems will be end of November and thereafter we are aiming to redeem commissions within 48 hours from redeem request by channel owner.


What video format can I upload to BETA ?

ONLY MP4 format, you have to convert your video to MP4 format before you can upload it.

You can only upload mp4 video format onto the in BETA version, in the next version you will be able to upload all different formats.

You can read this article to get tips on the best FREE VIDEO CONVERTER SOFTWARE in order to change your videos from other formats to Mp4 so that you can upload them to the plaform.