About : www.newmediatv.stream - A NEW HOME FOR EVERYONE'S VOICE !!! 

Free Speech :

We would like to encourage free speech.

We intend to be a website where healthy conversation and debate can take place and opinions can be presented objectively.

We offer content owners that owns content and would like share content from a wide variety of categories like from african safaris to fashion and politics the opportunity to share content globally and to sell content globally to supporters through Pay Per View where subscribers can either pay every time they watch a clip or pay once and look at the clip unlimited times. 

 NewMediaTV.stream intend to bring the focus back on all good things and people and history and values and  ......... that has been forgotten or pushed aside intentionally or unintentionally

Technology Roadmap :

We are launching with a very basic platfom but already have several upgrades lined up like new mobile apps, live streaming, a gaming platform, a music platform a new video player with all the bells and whistles like sub 2 second playout times and zero buffering, 360 video, virtual reality, video advertising etc and also building out our own global content distribution network.

We have very knowlegable people with 20 years of experience in video streaming and OTT Platforms involved with NewMediaTV.Stream and would be able to roll out our technology roadmap in only a few months to become one of the best video streaming platforms in the world.

Crowdfunding : 

In order for us to upgrade as quickly as possible we ask your assistance in supporting our crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo in the very close future.

Advertising :

We have banner add spots available for advertising on our landing page. Please contact advertising@newmediatv.stream regarding enquiries for these premium advertising spaces.

We can can also make available Pre Mid and Post advertising spots on all video clips  on the platform. Currently all advertisements will be static with links to advevertised content and in second version of the platform advertising will be upgraded to video advertisements.