2 Trees In The Garden

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      2 Kingdoms and a Vaccine
      2.3K Views . 21 Apr 2020

      Shocking but relevant research regarding current world events, ancient mysteries and Bible prophecy

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      What happens when we die (Part 1)
      0 Views . 21 Dec 2019

      Do we go to heaven immediately if we were "good"? What then is the Resurrection for?

      Do we go to Hell then if we were "bad"? What is Judgement day then for?

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      2 Trees In The Garden of Eden.

      Declaring The END From The BEGINNING.

  • In depth Scripture research, from the Beginning (Genesis) to the End (Revelation). Forming conclusions based on Whole Bible testimony. Seeking Truth from the ancient pages of prophetic writings and fulfilment testified and confirmed by the Messiah and His disciples. Finding what we are all searching for......... the One who created us. For more information on a whole series of intense Bible study from the book of Genesis, or to find out what Scripture says about the afterlife and many more studies, or to attend any of the monthly gatherings in Centurion, visit the Website: www.2treesinthegarden.co.za

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