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      'I Still Believe' releases in SA
      274 Views . 09 May 2020

      True-life Christian love story, I Still Believe which tells the story of award-winning Christian singer Jeremy Camp and his first marriage to Melissa Lynn Henning-Camp who died in 2001, less than a year after they were wed, launches in South Africa on Friday March 20.

      Country singer Shania Twain plays the role of Camp’s mother opposite actor Gary Sinise who portrays Camp’s father. Actress Britt Robertson portrays Camp’s late wife, Melissa. The role of Camp is performed by New Zealander KJ Apa, who’s best known for his role in the hit TV series Riverdale.

      I Still Believe is named after Camp’s popular song of the same name.

      The trailer highlights Camp’s journey to finding love, fame and his enduring faith in the midst of an unexpected tragedy.

      Read more about this movie in Gateway News: http://gatewaynews.co.za/highly-anticipated-i-still-believe-movie-releasing-in-sa-on-march/


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      Precious Lord Take My Hand
      25 Views . 09 Mar 2021

      Sing Along Praise And Worship

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      Above All
      69 Views . 09 May 2020

      Above All By Natasha Midori

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      a New Meaning to the Song by Tim McGraw & Faith Hill's, Keep Your Eyes On Me mixed with Scenes Of The Movie - Passion Of The Christ.

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      Sing Along Praise And Worship 

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      The TruLight Top 10 Week 192
      129 Views . 09 May 2020

      Every week on Saturdays afternoon at 17h00 GMT + 2 We count down the TruLight Gospel Top 10 by votes.


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      TruLight Radio XM Live Broadcast
      218 Views . 09 Sep 2020
      We Are Playing Now

      Our Mission – Being the End Time Radio to the World! Shining our Light into all corners of the Globe with the Truth from the Bible We are currently Broadcasting a 18 hour Broadcast daily 5;30 am – 10 pm Everyday. 7 Days a Week , a Gospel Christian Radio Services broadcasting from Africa to the World!

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      Im so Glad Jesus Lifted Me
      35 Views . 09 Oct 2020

      Sing Along Praise And Worship

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      TruLight Praise & Worship
      31 Views . 09 Jun 2020

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      Old School (80s - 90s)
      27 Views . 09 Jul 2020

      In This TruLight TV Production You Will Find a Mix of The Best Gospel Music of The 80s and 90s, Songs That was Released and Perform In This Time Period. Our List of Artists – Carman, Janet Paschal, John Starnes And Jimmy Swaggart. A Hour Full of Gospel Music We Like To Call Old School.

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      The TruLight Top 10 Week 239
      49 Views . 09 Jul 2020

      Every week on Saturdays afternoon at 17h00 GMT + 2 We count down the TruLight Gospel Top 10 by votes

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      The TruLight Top 10 Week 198
      26 Views . 09 Jun 2020

      Every week on Saturdays afternoon at 17h00 GMT + 2 We count down the TruLight Gospel Top 10 by votes

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      Laura Pauna, International Pianist
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      Beethoven wäre beeindruckt (Beethoven would have been impressed), wrote the Wisbaden Tagblatt.

      South African / Romanian pianist Laura Pauna has established herself internationally, both as a soloist and as a chamber musician. Laura holds a
KE (post graduate performance) Diploma from the prestigious Hannover Music Conservatoire in Germany.

      Her performances as a duo pianist in the past ten years at such prestigious venues as Carnegie Hall have had rave reviews ("...lavish, enthusiastic, brilliant"); also at Salzburg Grosse Saal, Concertgebow Amsterdam, Jerusalem Theatre, Yasi (New York), Zagreb Institute Hall, Z.K. Mathews Hall, Cape Town City Hall, to name a few.

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