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      Angus Buchan thought for the day. 

      Leviticus 6:13 A fire shall always be burning on the altar.

      Philippians 1 chapter 6 Jesus who began a good work in you will complete it. 

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      Reini Coetzee is on the road again with his wooden cross, sharing the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and inviting men to attend the Mighty Men Eastern Cape Conference at Jeffreys Bay from Friday March 13 to Sunday March 15.

      For the third consecutive year the ardent evangelist is wheeling his cross about 380 km to the mass men’s event — a gruelling journey with some stiff climbs that will require him to walk about 40km a day over the nine days he has allocated to reach his destination.

      Reini, who has been called by the Lord to take the Gospel of Christ to the lost and hopeless, also undertook an epic cross walk to Namibia last year.

      Read more in Gateway News: http://gatewaynews.co.za/reini-embarks-on-third-cross-walk-from-east-london-to-jeffreys-bay-mmc/

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      VIDEO SOURCE: News 24

      South African chief justice Mogoeng Mogoeng yesterday pleaded "from the depth of my heart" for  "those who know just how powerful prayer can be" to pray for SA's protection and blessing at this time when the nation is exposed to coronavirus infection.

      Read more in Gateway News: http://gatewaynews.co.za/watch-chief-justice-mogoeng-calls-for-power-of-prayer-amidst-virus-threat/

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      AMEN  :-D


      LUKE 9 v 1

      "‚ÄčThen He called His twelve disciples together and gave them power and authority over all demons, and to cure diseases".

      LOGIC started dictating to me, 

      "You can see the signs of resistance and failure  clearly in this revival, call it off and take it to a smaller town."

      I quickly settled in my spirit that, 

      "THE HOLY SPIRIT HAS SENT ME, therefore all things will work out, not sure how!"

      My prayer was simple, "LORD JESUS make it happen, you sent me to this town."

      Within a week I responded to the pastors and proposed a breakfast meeting with as many  local pastors as possible. I needed to do a presentation and sell them the vision; to do this cooperate revival.

      It was a challenge to coordinate this revival, because that time, there was no pastors' fraternity, but glory to GOD, our Bishop contact in this town was the best help we could ever get!

      Father bless the Bishop!

      Kingdom Fire Network, our ministry, carried all the costs, and with the help of the Bishop, we invited 100 pastors for breakfast. 57 pastors turned up and 53 bought into the vision of doing a combined revival! Thank you Jesus!

      When the big day finally arrived, we were ready and expectant. A LOT of prayer had gone into this revival, we spent some time doing spiritual mapping and the HOLY SPIRIT continued to lead us. We easily identified the spiritual gates of this town and strategic high places overlooking the entire city. We made some dangerous declarations and prayers over the whole of PHUTHADITHJABA, BREAKING CURSES of

      1 POVERTY




      5 DISUNITY

      6 DIVORCE, adultery, rape and fornication to mention a few.

      The LORD opened my eyes and I saw the principality of this town, running like a madman on fire, and he jumped into a big dam and transformed into a big snake!

      When I shared this vision I saw with the pastors, they said that there was a big dam not far from this community and a lot of rituals and witchcraft happened there!

      Our intercessors were fasting and praying till the meeting was over!

      Father God bless these faithful people who are sold out for your work!

      FRIEND I never felt this confident, the Holy spirit overshadowed me, and I was fearless and bold like a lion, but humble like a lamb!

      THANK you Jesus, for helping me!

      About 11 minutes into my first sermon, the HOLY SPIRIT interjected me, and very clearly said 


      TO BE honest I wanted to avoid this PROPHETIC INSTRUCTION. The devil whispered in my ear, "you are going to embarrass yourself today, how about after you finish commanding then nothing happens, just preach the word."

      So I started singing a song!

      After a while the HOLY SPIRIT said, "I am waiting!"

      Reluctantly I made the declaration, and there was dead silence, you could hear a pin drop!

      After about 3 minutes of silence, then it started. Demonic possessed people started manifesting  from everywhere, some screaming, some falling to the ground, some rolling on the floor, and one old lady started undressing, thank GOD for the ushers who quickly reacted!

      In my entire life, I had never seen so many people delivered from demonic oppression in a single meeting like this. 110 people manifested demons and GOD delivered them!

      For more than 2 hours it was deliverance time, and a lot of word of knowledge and accurate prophetics and healing. Over 200 people received the Holy spirit and 167 new decisions to the LORD.

      I asked the pastors to participate on the altar work, and it worked just fine, like we had rehearsed it! Amazing unity of spirit!

      71 pastors attended the meeting and their congregations!

      THANK you HOLY SPIRIT, you helped me again and always!


      Have a fruitful day!

      J SPLASHER...(KFN)

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      TruLight TV - Monday - 29 March 20201
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      AMEN... :-D (Message for 1 July 2020) 


      ROMANS 8 V 6

      "For to be carnally minded is death, but to be spiritually minded is life and peace".

      SPIRITUALITY is built from bottom up

      (in humility) many times not necessarily learning NEW things but UNSCHOOLING old thoughts, old patterns, old character, old behaviour, old MIND set and easily facilitating DEPROGRAMMING to allow new apps and new software of the MIND.

      Moses spent a good 40 years in Pharaoh's palace learning to be somebody (being programmed), raised with a golden spoon, royal decadence and kingly elegance.

      The best toys, Lamborghinis, the best clothes, Adidas, Nike, Gucci, Louis Vuitton,  expensive perfumes, eating the best food and visiting the most exquisite restaurants; generally MOSES  lived like a king.

      Moses was raised as an EGYPTIAN but he then discovered that he was an ISRAELITE.

      To DEPROGRAMME Egypt from the man.

      NO 1 Moses found himself as the most wanted man in Egypt. Life changed instantly from a spoiled prince to a fugitive, a murderer on the run.

      NO 2 This lead Moses to the wilderness; THE UNIVERSITY of deprogramming the mind.

      The PRINCE OF EGYPT became a shepherd boy, the lowest job in society, transforming Moses from;

      1 Being served to serving 

      2 Being a prince to a servant

      3 Living in the palace to living in the bushes with sheep

      4 Receiving honour to living without flamboyance.

      5 Eating the best meals  to mere survival mode.

      6 Driving sports cars to walking on (R2) foot.

      7 Smelling like a prince to smelling like sheep.

      No Internet, no bank cards, no fancy dressing (labels), no royalty and living a day at a time.

      The GOD of balance YAHWE, reprogrammed   Moses with a new software called THE PROPHET OF GOD, the deliverer of Israel and an anointed ambassador!

      GOD cannot programme miracles on the platform of an  EGYPTIAN system, this system is not compatible with anointing! These software clash.

      TODAY deprogramme Egypt from your mind, upload the WORD of GOD and experience the world of no limitations.

      In Jesus mighty name.

      Amen and Amen!

      J SPLASHER...(KFN)

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      AMEN... :-D


      EXODUS 3 V 5

      “Do not draw near this place. Take your sandals off your feet, for the place where you stand is holy ground.”

      Moses is instructed to take off his shoes!

      In other words, "I AM GRADUATING YOU with HOLINESS for I AM HOLY. Walk in my Holiness MOSES!"

      NO 1 MOSES wore the shoes of a murderer, a vagabond and a renegade! God was adressing his issues in LIFE, his PAST, his fugitive situation.

      His guilt, self condemnation, his murder case, his vulnerability, his  stummer, resulting in lack of confidence, people condemnation, his insecurity, his lack in the desert (Wilderness).

      NO 2 MOSES graduates in obedience. He had a crazy future which required an unusual behaviour. 100 % obedience was needed.

      It was at this point when MOSES was released to function in his calling; THE PROPHET OF GOD!

      I declare in JESUS name, let all your shame turn into glory!


      2 THERE is no quick fix to preparation for greatness, anything worth your while takes time!

      3 Never allow your past to dictate into your PRESENT nor let it interfere with your FUTURE!

      If GOD could forgive MOSES "a murderer", if God could anoint Moses, a fugitive, if GOD regarded Moses, a stummerer, SURELY GOD CAN anoint you, use you, send you as LONG as you have total DEPENDENCE on him!

      Have a super blessed day!

      J SPLASHER...(KFN)

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      AMEN... :-D


      ZECHARIAH  13 V 9

      "I will bring the one-third through the fire,

      Will refine them as silver is refined,

      And test them as gold is tested.

      They will call on My name,

      And I will answer them.

      I will say, ‘This is My people’;

      And each one will say, ‘The Lord is my God.’ ”

      In 2009 I preached a message called "Tested and approved!" I had to speak to BMW South Africa, requesting permission to use their BMW logo and a BMW M5 engine on the cover of my CD.

      The basis of the message was derived from the precision driven excellence in the manufacture of the high performance monster vehicles like the BMW M5 and the M3.

      The point is, if it is not vigorously TESTED, it cannot be TRUSTED, in other words it cannot be "APPROVED".

      I watched a documentary on T.V. the other day, on how they built the BURJ KHALIFA, the tallest building in the world!

      829.8m tall, 57 elevators with a record speed of 10m per second, 8 escallators, 163 floors, windows converting sun rays to solar energy, meeting the standard of heating of all the water required in the building, and all windows with an antiglare system. The building is well equipped to resist high speed desert sandy winds and defying all construction phobias.

      My greatest fascination was on the assimilated tests run on the model building, the steel to be used, glass, AIRCON design and effectiveness, of how to drive water that high and manage it without excess weight on the structure, transportation of patrons up and down, fire safety and above all, how to resist the violent natural elements of DUBAI, a mere desert!



      I think the weight of this project squarely sat on Bill Baker who headed the structural engineering. I guess this man never slept well until he finished this project which took 5 years, putting in a minimum of 22 million man hours to complete the project.

      GOD is not a sinner when He allows you to be tested by 

      1 Situations

      2 Circumstances 

      3 Time

      4 The wilderness

      5 Waiting 

      And many other spiritual benchmark tests!

      If you desire the GLORY of God, the miracles of Moses, JOSHUA, ELIJAH and PETER, allow the HOLY SPIRIT.

      You have to be trained!

      You have to be tested!

      You have to be approved!

      In Jesus name!

      J SPLASHER...(KFN)

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      AMEN... :-D

      HEBREWS 5 V 14

      "But solid food belongs to those who are of full age, that is, those who by reason of use have their senses exercised to discern both good and evil".

      You cannot speak of TRAINING, TESTED and APPROVED without pinning it down to the pivotal oscillations of a PROCESS!

      The PROCESS MAP to successful spiritual journey has many stations, some good and many times combined with BAD EXPERIENCES!

      The GOOD experiences teach us what to DO and the bad experiences teach us what NOT TO DO!

      We learn everyday, every week, every month and every year with the final expected  destination called, 


      Experiences both good and bad cause us to LEARN, get tested and hopefully graduate into MATURITY!

      MATURITY does not come by age, it comes by mastering experiences!

      NO 1 GOD trusts MATURITY, immaturity is too much high risk!

      NO 2 IMMATURITY always exhibits weak character thereby compromising on standard, purpose calling or instruction!

      3 IMMATURITY is driven from the premises of emotion, many times overriding mission, reason or mandate to satisfy temporary pleasures!

      4 IMMATURITY is shallow, short sighted and hollow, losing WISDOM in the process!

      NO 5 SPIRITUAL MATURITY is never driven by MONEY(self benefit), fame or glory!

      To avoid the above disappointments, GOD allows us to go through the school of LIFE as he prepares us to work with HIM!

      ANOINTING or GIFTING  without MATURITY can be disastrous; ALLOW the process, this is important.

      Have a fruitful day.

      J SPLASHER...(KFN)

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      Day of Rest - Grassroots with Angus Buchan

      Ep 128 - Day of Rest - Too many people are stressed out and anxious because they don’t give themselves a chance to rest and recover from the weeks’ demands. The bible tells us that God created the world in six days and then rested on the 7th day. If He realized the need for rest then we need it too. It is vitally important to have a quiet time everyday and spend time in the presence of the Lord, Then go out and face the day! May God bless you mightily today!


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      The Story pt 1- Angus Buchan Grassroots
      127 Views . 09 May 2020

      Ep 25 - What is the story of your life? life is full of surprises, drama and excitement. Every year you live is like a new chapter in the story of your life. Are you living the life that God intended for you or are you unsure? These two messages (Part 1 and Part 2) are for you.

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      In 1980, the Lord gave us a vision - very simply and clearly, through His Word. We believed our responsibility to be the following:

      1. The Great Commission - Mark 16:15

      2. Caring for Orphans and Widows - James 1:27
      3. Equipping Saints for the Work of Ministry  - Matthew 28:20
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